Understanding  Cellulite

Statistics show nearly 80%-90% of all women struggle with some form of Cellulite. 

        So …  what causes cellulite to develop? 


To over-simplify a complex answer  it’s the result of a combination of issues. Note the Basic Skin Diagram above. You’ll see the epidermis, dermis & the subcutaneous layer. Notice how the subcutaneous layer (filled with fat cells) is held together with vertical strands known as septae.  Septae are collagen bands anchoring the dermis to the muscle creating individual compartments. (In men, these strands are crisscrossed making it harder to store fat).

Hormones, estrogen in particular, play a large role in the appearance of cellulite. Estrogen has many roles, one of which is to activate fibroblasts to produce collagenase, which breaks down connective tissue. (necessary to breakdown collagen in the cervix at the time of delivery). 

Collagen &  elastin are essential in maintaining healthy looking skin.  When collagen is weakened, the dermis is compromised. Septae, (the collagen bands joining the dermis to the muscle) become rigid  & lose pliability. This rigidity pulls on the dermis causing/creating that “dimpled” effect. With this simplified explanation,  it becomes easy  to understand  why even thin females can have cellulite. It isn’t just an “excessive fat” issue. 

When excess fat builds in the subcutaneous layer,  the  enlarged fat cells begin to squeeze & push up into the dermis. if the septae are weak, fat cells push up out of their compartments & enter the dermis, pulling & stretching the weakened septae, thus creating that dreaded  cottage cheese, dimpled look. 


This “trapped”, bulging fat hinders normal circulation, restricts the lymph system, contributing to a build-up of toxins. Lack of proper circulation weakens blood vessels which impedes the supply of vital nutrients. Without proper nutrition, the connective tissue cannot maintain a healthy environment causing the skin to become depleted & thin. Thinning, depleted tissue (due to lack of circulation & nutrition) allows cellulite to become more visible


So what can we do?

Understanding what’s happening in our bodies is key to gaining a better appreciation as to what to do. It’s important to understand that Cellulite is actually a health issue not just a Beauty issue. That’s why it’s imperative to get into the habit, at an early age, to nurture & take care of our entire body, before signs begin to show.  

Cellulite may seem to appear over night, but, it’s actually been developing below the surface for quite some time. That is why it takes time to help release, repair & rebuild. Unfortunately, if left untreated,  Cellulite only gets worse. So start today …  it’s never to late to begin to release, repair, regenerate. A healthy Body is a beautiful Body. Is your body healthy? 

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