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To register your CytoBody® Therapeutic Massager, please fill in the form below. Your CytoBody® Therapeutic Massager carries a One (1) Year Warranty* from the date of purchase.

Serial Number                                                                                                          The Serial Number can be found on the black sticker located on the Soft Handgrip. If you can not find the sticker,  please contact us immediately under the CONTACT TAB and we will be happy to assist you.

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*One (1) Year Warranty
Your CytoBody® Therapeutic Massager carries a One (1) Year Warranty from the original date of purchase. Please note      this covers proper use of the device and is limited to electrical parts & electrical functions. It does not cover mis-use or        mis-handling such as dropping the product, sub-merging it in water or any type of liquid form or using it for purposes            other than instructed in the user manual. Please notify us immediately if you have difficulty operating the device. Any            attempt to repair or tamper with the device may result in possible injuries and voids and invalidates the warranty.


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