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CytoBody® Cellulite Cell-ution Kit

CytoBody® Air-Less Pump Bottles

CytoBody®s  uses Air-Less Pumps whenever possible to ensure optimum proctection of its active ingredients. Air-Less pumps protect your product from environmental contamination. To activate,  repeatedly press down on the pump; each time allowing it to fully return to its starting position. 

Should you still have difficulty dispensing the product, turn the bottle upside down & repeat the pumping action in the upside  down position. We apologize in advance for for any frustration this may cause, but, once properly activated, your pump will expell almost 99.9% of your product in any position unlike regular pumps & tubes. 




CytoBody® Exfoliating Body Polish: 

To achieve maximum results with your Exfoliating Body Polish, turn your shower or tub into your very own “Spa Experience”.  

  • Generously moisten your targeted areas with warm water (moisture activates the enzymes). 
  • Pump desired amount onto moistened palm, rub palms together and immediately massage onto targeted areas for at least 2-3 minutes. (the longer the better, allowing the product to activate, giving you maximum results). Notice how the product begins to warm up as you add moisture & begin to massage.

                                               … It’s letting you know it’s working for you ...  

  • Rinse off, pat dry.  
  • Immediately apply your CytoBody® Cellulite Serum

For best results use 1-2 times per week.*

DO NOT use Exfoliating Body Polish with the massager as the polishing beads may damage the motor. 

CytoBody® Cellulite Serum: 

For maximum results, use your CytoBody® Exfoliating Body Polish before using your CytoBody® Cellulite Serum for the first time. 

  • Pump desired amount onto fingertips and apply to targeted areas, massaging in firmly using upward, circular motions until serum becomes slightly tacky.
  • Stop massaging and let it dry on its own (approx. 10 - 15 seconds). 

                    ...  Notice how good your skin looks & feels even after the first application  ...


Please be very gentle with yourself in the beginning. This is a very powerful product.

 In the beginning, test 1 (one) area at a time to identify individual tolerance. It is normal to experience warming &  tingling sensations as our highly active ingredients go to work for you. Targeted areas may also appear pink to red, lasting up to 45 minutes. 

Your product is letting you know it’s increasing your circulation, lovingly assisting your system in releasing trapped toxins, as well as, providing powerful nutrients to help nourish & rebuild targeted areas.

If you have the time, you may notice, even well after the first hour of application, you are still feeling or sensing an internal stimulation deep inside the body. 

                                            ... Your product is continuing to work for you!  ...

Best when used 2 (two) times a day*. After achieving results apply product once or twice a week to maintain.

CytoBody® Therapeutic Massager: 


CytoBody® Therapeutic Massager is a wonderful therapeutic massager designed to assist in breaking down trapped toxins in targeted areas. It increases circulation, stimulates fibroblasts & assists in reducing sore, achy muscles. The low level LED, Infrared system safely aids cellular repair and toxic release. 

The Contour Cap is great for breaking down trapped toxins in larger areas.

The Roller Cap breaks down trapped toxins and stimulates fibroblasts. 

The Mesh Cover is intended to be used only with the Contour Cap & only in areas which may cause hair entanglement. . 

DO NOT use Mesh Cover with the Roller Cap as it will tear the mesh cover. 

 It is not necessary to use the massager immediately after applying CytoBody®s Cellulite Serum  as each product stands on its own. However, it is strongly suggested to use each product  in conjunction with one another to achieve maximum results.

*Not to be applied on broken or inflamed skin. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear. 

*Not intended for pregnant or lactating women. External use only. Keep out of the reach of children.

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