CytoBody® Cellulite Serum

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Price: $89.00

CytoBody®s targeted CytoSomes® deliver powerful ingredients: where they are needed, with  full potency,  for maximum results

Our Proprietary Blend is Scientifically Formulated to provide:

  • maximum stimulation to help break down Fat Deposits
  • energetic  release of trapped toxins
  • assist epidermal stem cells to retain their capacity to build new tissue
  • increase vitality of skin stem cells
  • helps rebuilds collagen and elastin
  • improves quality, tone & texture of the skin
  • nourishes, hydrates, firms 
  • delays senescence of essential cells

     Give your Body the Scientific Help it Needs 

    Nourish  …  Enhance  …  Rebuild 

                       Unit Price  

                    $89  (200ml)

        (2 month supply depending on targeted areas)




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